Monday, November 22, 2010

Reflection~Vision Board Workshop for December 15

Reflection~Next  Workshop December 15, 2010

For our face-to-face vision board session, the topic for December will be "Reflection".
We will start the session with thoughtful questioning and discussion.

  • Thinking back on all that you have done this year, what do you notice?
  • Reflect on one thought or idea from your answer to the question above and add detail to it.
  • Share
Then, you can join us on-line here to share your vision board!  Your vision can focus on the “reflection” discussion, or it might go into a completely different direction…where ever the soul leads!  Wondering how to make a vision board?  Click here.

For more information and details click here.

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  1. Thanks for takin a look at my very first board and thanks for the opportunity to join in and play along...What stood out for me about this vision board was the balancing feature of the legs and arms at it's base and an overall sense that 'perspective' on things is a pretty powerful mind tool! .... the images evoked good emotions, i did choose some images that evoked some difficult emotions but i didn't add them as i wanted this process to transform my mood rather than express anything else!... and i loved the idea that i or a person viewing the board might feel a sense of holding or balancing good emotions alongside the sense that it is how we view things that colours our world, i guess.I loved the image of the old fashioned boys n gals looking at their distorted images in a 'hall of mirrors' it is something i remember from being a child...and the running person from a different 'glass bottomed perspective.I keep looking at and feeling good as the two laughing little girls shout out at me whenever i glimpse at it i also love glitter and's a really uplifting process and piece to look at for me thankyou for your inspiration

  2. Hi! What a wonderful description! So reflective! Remembering things from childhood...can be attached to so many feelings and emotions.

    Interesting how you chose to focus on the "transformation of your mood" by keeping the images positive...I seem to go there a lot, too.

    Thanks for taking the time to join in and play!